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  • Integrate actual customer data and targeted offers into cinematic-quality personalized videos
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WATCH: Telecom example

Liberty Global Video Bill

Telecom example 01:29

Challenge : Explain pro-rata charges to new customers, avoid confusion and minimize call center costs.

Solution : A highly personalized video bill automatically tailored for each new customer. The video clarifies the customer’s unique cost structure and promotes site registration to further reduce call center costs.

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WATCH: Financial example

Pension Statement

Financial example 01:01

Challenge : Reviewing pension fund status, which is usually a daunting customer experience.

Solution : A compelling yet simple audio-video illustration of the customer’s personal pension statement, including current savings and future implications.

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WATCH: Utilities example

Annual Utility Statement

Utilities example 01:36

Challenge: Explaining an annual utility statement and positioning the company as a customer-centric service provider.

Solution: A simple yet entertaining personalized video detailing each customer’s service costs, and comparing current personal usage with last year’s usage, and their neighbors’ usage.

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WATCH: Retail example

Birthday Greeting

Retail example 00:36

Challenge: Gratifying club members with an emotive birthday greeting, and encouraging a visit to the physical store.

Solution: A book-themed birthday video, personalized with previous purchases, was highly acclaimed by recipients, and drove an unprecedented proportion to claim their gift from a physical store.

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  • Get Personal(ized) with Video. In a new article published today on Direct Marketing News, Idomoo CTO and co-founder Danny Kalish describes the characteristics of a truly ”personally relevant” video, and tells the story of how a well-executed personal video can have a huge impact on every aspect of the customer relationship. Read more

  • Idomoo Enhances Brand Engagement and Differentiation through Cross-Marketing Deployment of Personalized Videos. At ad:tech New York, Idomoo demonstrated how Nuon, a leading Dutch energy utility, leveraged Idomoo’s personalized videos to provide unprecedented customer service, heighten customer engagement across multiple marketing platforms and strengthen Nuon’s corporate brand.  Read more

They say

“Simply put, Idomoo made a real impact on the way we communicate and engage with our customers in a proactive manner. Personalized video brings us closer to our customers, raises their satisfaction with our services, and lowers our service overhead. That’s why we’re rolling out their solution across Europe.”

Mr. Gerrit Goedkoop
Vice President Customer Care
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