The Vision - Personally Engage Each and Every Customer
Idomoo's vision is to enable more effective marketing via video-based digital CRM - engaging personally with each and every customer leveraging groundbreaking personalized video technology.


Idomoo has a strong track record servicing leading telecom, financial services, utilities, health and retail companies throughout the US, South America, EMEA and Europe. Idomoo’s customer communications expertise delivers measurably improved customer care, sales, retention and loyalty.

Idomoo personalized videos work because they are based on the belief that every individual customer deserves personal attention.

On any scale we integrate highly personalized videos with individually-relevant information, offers and services that uniquely suit personal product usage, needs and interests. There are five principles at the core of our technology that enable clients to engage every customer, while reducing customer care and retention costs:

  • Be everywhere – customers can view personalized Idomoo videos anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Be relevant – customers receive only personal and relevant data and offers
  • Be amazing – stunning cinematic-quality videos ‘wow’ customers
  • Be scalable – we use state-of-the-art cloud computing and GPU servers
  • Be safe – data security is never compromised

Our team brings extensive experience in enterprise business, video technology, cloud computing and customer experience. This expertise is demonstrated in both the robustness of our technology and the strength of our business proposition.

Idomoo personalized videos build trust by allowing companies to be proactive in the way they communicate– explaining complex processes and bills, offering special deals and right-sizing packages, and encouraging loyalty when it counts most.

Engaging for customers, cost saving for companies – Idomoo personalized video is a groundbreaking evolution in customer communications.

See our Gallery for examples of Idomoo personalized videos achieving mission-critical business goals across industries and business functions.

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