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  • Extend Customer Engagement Every Step of the Customer Life-Cycle

    Posted by Danny Kalish on January 28 , 2015

    How do you bridge the gap between CRM and successful long-term customer engagement?  Bridging the gap between existing CRM systems and successful long-term customer engagement requires a paradigm shift in the way companies strategically communicate with their customers. What is required is a last-mile delivery mechanism, like personalized video, to help project a perception that […]

  • Idomoo Introduces Personalized Video Engagement Platform to Accelerate Brand-Consumer Connection

    Posted by Ronit Soen on December 3 , 2014

    NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Idomoo announced today the availability of its next generation Personalized Video Engagement Platform for customer success, marketing and loyalty programs.  “In a world of digital communication overload, where customers are tuning out marketing messages, our mission is to help brands excel at customer engagement, allowing them to stand out, penetrate, […]

  • Mondelez International Leverages Idomoo Personalized Video to Delight Cadbury Chocolate Consumers across the Globe

    Posted by Ronit Soen on November 30 , 2014

    Idomoo Social expands the mix of customer engagement paths by allowing brands to build personalized video campaigns based on the customer’s own social data, i.e. his/her Facebook profile, so campaigns are more personal, engaging and emotional. For retail companies with limited customer communication channels and no CRM data, it is a powerful customer engagement route to […]

  • The Psychology of Retirement Saving

    Posted by Ronit Soen on March 18 , 2014

    If it would surprise you to learn that the choice between eating a banana or chocolate in a lab experiment has helped to redefine the way Americans save, then you’re behind on the latest thinking in “behavioral finance”—the study of how human psychology impacts investing and markets… To read the rest of this article by […]

  • How to Move People by Telling their Stories

    Posted by Ronit Soen on February 21 , 2014

    Conveying information in the form of a narrative helps us focus, recognize what is important, connect events, anticipate, and learn. Once upon a time, I was staring at a picture of a cave painting. It was a group of figures around a fire. I can’t say exactly what they were doing, but it could easily […]

  • Personalised Shopping Takes a Step Forward as Retailers Appoint Key Staff

    Posted by Ronit Soen on February 12 , 2014

    You can tell a lot about what’s about to happen in a particular sector by the people it employs. Towards the end of last year, Shop Direct, owner of Littlewoods and Very, recruited Dene Jones as its first ever customer director. His remit? To develop the world’s best personalised website. The appointment of the former […]

  • The 20 Hottest Startups in Israel

    Posted by Ronit Soen on September 12 , 2013

    Idomoo was featured in this Mashable list of the 20 hottest start in Israel.

  • Q&A with Idomoo co-founder and CEO Yaron Kalish

    Posted by Ronit Soen on July 26 , 2013

    The Hod HaSharon, Israel-based startup, which offers a solution that allows companies to create individualized video content for customers, closed a nearly $9 million Series A funding round in mid-June… To read the Q&A with Yaron Kalish, click here.

  • Idomoo Closes $9M To Develop On-The-Fly Personalised Video Platform For Brands

    Posted by Ronit Soen on June 12 , 2013

    Idomoo has now closed a $9 million funding round led by New York based Marker LLC. The startup provides a platform to create – you guessed it – personalised videos… To read the rest of this article on Techcrunch, click here.

  • Idomoo Picks up $9M to Tailor Marketing Videos to Specific Customers

    Posted by Ronit Soen on June 12 , 2013

    Idomoo creates personalized videos for businesses that want to communicate with their customers in an unusual, eye-catching way. This could be used for bills, loyalty points updates, custom offers or any other kind of customer communications… To read the rest of this article at Gigaom, click here.

  • Personalized Video Platform Startup Idomoo Lands $9m in a Round Led by Marker

    Posted by Ronit Soen on June 12 , 2013

    Israeli startup Idomoo has raised $9 million in funding in a round led by New York-based investment firm Marker. The cash will be used to bolster its cloud-based software platform, which enables companies to create personalized videos and improve customer interactions… To read the rest of this article on TNW, click here.


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