Personalized Videos as a Service (PVaaS): How it Works

Idomoo's sophisticated PVaaS technology simplifies the personalized video process, enabling creation of a true digital CRM strategy. Idomoo's PVaaS platform lets large organizations with thousands of customers create individually-personalized videos quickly, seamlessly and easily. A one-time set-up creates the movie and integrates CRM data. Then a recurring process generates unlimited cycles of personalized videos, according to custom-defined milestones (e.g., customer birthdays throughout the year) or batches (e.g., a batch of customers every month).

One Time Set-up

Business and Communication Planning

Together, we review your business goals and how a personalized movie can address them. We leverage our previous experience and domain expertise to discuss what works and what doesn’t, and ensure maximum impact on Customer Care, Loyalty or Marketing goals. During this planning stage, we also discuss optimal distribution channels (email/SMS/MMS/web, etc.) and various profile-raising activities for the personal video, such as a integrated email, advertising or web promotions.

Movie Creation

Idomoo’s technology, based on industry standard Adobe After Effects, allows any creative studio (including Idomoo’s) to make the ‘master video’ or template, which is later personalized. The process is similar to any creative movie, dependent upon the creative and approval cycles. As a guideline, it typically takes about eight weeks from concept to final production.

CRM Data Integration

Using a pre-defined format, your organization creates a file containing data exported from your CRM system (e.g. first name, total bill amount, date of birth, etc.). Leveraging proprietary algorithms, Idomoo integrates this customer content into cinematic-quality personalized videos. Rich illustrations personalized with each user’s profile and usage are seamlessly transformed into dynamic animation, while natural personalized voice narration ensures that each customer knows the video is uniquely his/hers.

Automated Recurring Process

Video Factory (Mass Video Production)

Any number of videos - from 100 to 100 million - are automatically produced and personalized with each customer's information and/or relevant offers. Idomoo VaaS™ (Video as a Service) runs on Amazon cloud and mass-production is fully automated, requiring no human involvement. The engine generates a unique link per video, which the individual customer views from their PC or mobile device, on the corporate website, or elsewhere.


Personalized videos are delivered to your customers as per your or their preference - via email, to mobile phones (via SMS, MMS or mobile application) or to any web destination. You can use your own system or ours. Either way, we assist you by providing best practices to optimize open rate for your preferred distribution channel (specifications for sender, title, body text, etc.).


Idomoo provides simple and accurate analytics, including how many people opened or watched the videos, how long they watched, and how frequently.


Optimization Cycle

Idomoo Analytics and supporting services such as quick-response surveys help optimize both customer experience and company Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Intelligence gathered is translated into improved videos, from content adjustments within the movie, to subject line tweaking to increase open rate, and including distribution method alternatives. Idomoo movies therefore begin with high impact, and continue to increase engagement and results over time.