Idomoo delivers customer communication solutions that engage each and every customer, helping achieve mission critical business goals. With expertise across a wide range of industries and company functions, Idomoo creates highly personalized videos that measurably improve customer satisfaction, sales, retention and loyalty.

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  • Telecommunications

    The telecom industry is characterized by high churn, minimal operator differentiation, complex services and billing, and high customer support costs.

    Idomoo personalized videos effectively engage any customer at any stage of the telecom customer lifecycle. Personalized videos can be effectively used to explain complex concepts (bills, right-sizing offers, package changes, etc.) or to increase emotional loyalty (holiday greetings, loyalty programs, and more).

    The examples below show how a 60-second personal video can simplify complex information, create a positive experience, reduce call center traffic, and up-sell relevant offers to each customer.

  • Financial Services

    Financial services are notoriously complex, and in tough financial times customers insecurity runs high. That’s why, in addition to providing quality service and solid financial performance, financial services organizations face the daily challenge of creating confidence in each and every customer.

    Personalized videos explain complex services and restore trust. They simulate one-on-one interaction, giving each customer personal attention and a walk-through of their unique bill, claims, service needs, offers, or concerns. Customers receive the personal attention they deserve, and companies enjoy higher retention.

    The examples below show a range of personalized videos that simplify even the most complex financial services. Personalized video-quotes tailored to each recipient’s unique needs are highly-effective customer acquisition tools. New customer welcome videos clearly explain activation processes – easing customer transitions and lowering company call center overhead. And a pension statement can be explained in just minutes with a simple, highly personalized video.

  • Retail

    The retail environment is highly competitive, conversion-driven and largely dependent on customer loyalty.

    Idomoo personalized videos give customers a cinematic experience, uniquely tailored to their personal interests. Loyalty program updates and promotions, birthday greetings and laser-targeted product offers are a compelling way to engage customers today and grow loyalty for years to come.

    In the examples below, Idomoo personalized videos enable a diverse selection of retail clients to better reach and engage their customers online.

  • Utility & Health

    Commodity services are notoriously difficult to differentiate, and customers are difficult to please. Worldwide, deregulation has turned customers from hostages into free agents. In many cases, the only possible differentiation for utility providers is quality of service – providing every single customer with personalized attention, information and service.

    Personalized videos are an excellent, affordable way to speak and service millions of customers, personally. For example, a dynamic, visual display of bills for gas, electricity and water can clearly show customers what they really used, and viscerally demonstrate why your service is best for them.

    By way of example, Idomoo created a personalized video for one of Netherlands leading utilities provider, explaining each customer’s individual bill and usage. Rolled out in conjunction with an innovative marketing campaign, the video helped clearly differentiate their service.