Idomoo delivers customer communication solutions that engage each and every customer, helping achieve mission critical business goals. With expertise across a wide range of industries and company functions, Idomoo creates highly personalized videos that measurably improve customer satisfaction, sales, retention and loyalty.

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  • Video Bill

    A periodic accounting of services requested, used and paid for should be a simple matter. However, in plain text, bills are detailed, complex, and packed with lines of regulatory requirements, fine print and technical jargon that make reviewing them a daunting consumer experience.

    But billing remains an important point of customer contact. It can and should be a positive experience. With Idomoo video bills, the typical 10-minute bill-analyzing trauma becomes a 60-second pleasure – simple, engaging, personal and trustworthy.

    Idomoo video bills simplify and humanize the billing experience with a highly personalized graphical display and verbal explanation of what the customer actually needs to know, and what they need to do. It’s like having a personal account representative walk each and every customer through his/her bill, using simple dynamic graphs to show what they ordered, used, paid and still owe.

    The video bill examples below show how video bills simplify the most complex financial statements, and are an excellent opportunity to up-sell and right-size packages. The Liberty Global case study illustrates the effect of a clear, transparent first statement on business Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Liberty Global’s video bills doubled signups to the company’s self-serve website, drastically reduced call center traffic, and improved brand appreciation.

  • Customer Care

    Every customer deserves transparent, personal and effective customer care. Unfortunately, with limited resources and an ever-growing customer base, this goal still eludes many service providers. The result is a costly cycle of customer disappointment and increased demands on call centers.

    Personalized videos are an affordable and effective way to provide personally-relevant information, advice and support to each and every customer. An engaging welcome video begins the new customer relationship with impact and trust. It can manage expectations about the specific service ordered, clearly defining what customers will receive and how they will be charged.

    Personalized customer service videos automatically generated for millions of customers are an effective way to preempt customer confusion and disappointment. A guide through the seemingly complex processes of setting up an online service, or a friendly, very personalized video explaining a product recall and what the customer should do, improves customer service, increases trust, alleviates fear and reduces call center costs.

  • Promotion & Upsell

    Today’s consumers are bombarded by offers – in their mailboxes, on the road, via TV and web, over mobile, and everywhere in-between. The challenge for your organization is to demonstrate why your offer is more relevant and compelling than others for any given customer.

    Until now, mass-market companies couldn’t possibly walk every single customer through individual service levels or bills and tailor a precise offer to suit that customer’s unique usage and budget.

    But now that’s changed. Cinematic-quality, highly-personalized videos from Idomoo deliver an automatically-generated yet uniquely-tailored offer to each and every customer. This personalized video promotion cuts through the general promotional clutter, speaking directly to the heart, mind and pocket of each individual customer.

    The video examples below illustrate how a tailor-made right-sizing offer can deliver great service to the customer, and be a smart sales tool for the company, at the same time.

  • Loyalty & Retention

    Proactive, personal engagement throughout the year shows each customer that he/she is important to your organization. It also reminds customers of the good service they received, increases usage, and grows loyalty. Whether a company is encouraging an active customer with loyalty program rewards, or making a last-ditch effort to prevent attrition, Idomoo personalized videos address each and every customer in a personally relevant way.

    Loyalty programs are an effective way to encourage active customers to increase their brand engagement. But too often customers simply aren’t aware of the service they’ve received, or the benefits they’ve earned. Personalized videos that celebrate individual milestones and proactively deliver earned rewards can help ensure that loyalty points are translated into loyal action.

    Re-contracting offers are also more effective when proactively delivered in a highly personalized manner, at just the right time. With Idomoo personalized videos, customers toward the end of their subscription period, or at other churn junctions, receive a personally-tailored offer that only their current service provider can give. This cinematic quality video addressed just to them, based specifically on their personal service usage, delivers compelling reasons to renew before they’ve even considered an alternative.

    The personalized video examples below celebrate loyalty club milestones and birthdays, reaching and emotionally impacting customers at key milestones in the service relationship.