Powerful, Innovative Technology

Idomoo’s innovative technology leverages the latest cloud technology, cutting-edge rendering engines, and the market’s most advanced proprietary algorithms. All this, to integrate dynamic customer content into cinematic-quality personalized videos that are rapidly rendered and delivered to any video-playing device, on any scale.

Rich personalized illustrations including each user’s personal profile and usage are seamlessly integrated into dynamic animation. Natural personalized voice narration ensures that each customer knows the video is uniquely his or hers. And sophisticated matching of content to business-logic ensures that every customer receives the right information or offer, at just the right time.

The Idomoo Process

Once Idomoo or your creative agency has finalized the creative master template, and the relevant customer data has been provided, Idomoo automatically personalizes a video for each of your target customers. This set-up process includes tailoring the video’s data, visuals, and voiceover. After set-up, the movie distribution can be repeated periodically (as with quarterly statement) or on-demand (a right-sizing offer, for example), as per your organization’s unique requirements. The following diagram depicts Idomoo’s workflow.

idomoo technology sketch
  • 1

    Using a pre-defined format, your organization creates a file containing data exported from your CRM system (e.g. first name, total bill amount, date of birth, etc.), which will be automatically integrated as dynamic content into your video.

  • 2

    Your data file is securely transferred to Idomoo servers. By default, Idomoo generates a dedicated SFTP account for you, and you can upload the file to this account. If increased security is required, files can be transferred via Digital Vault.

  • 3

    Idomoo’s Personalized Video generation servers run on Amazon regional clouds in the USA and Europe. Idomoo seamlessly and automatically integrates the creative master video with business logic, the customer data you provided, visuals and real voiceover narration – creating highly-engaging personalized videos.

  • 4

    Idomoo uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) to host your video files. Idomoo provides you with a dedicated storage area, physically located in the Amazon region closest to you. Your video file accessibility is configured according to your requirements, and usually uses common http/https protocols.

  • 5

    Idomoo sends you a file via secure data transfer protocol or Digital Vault that contains a unique user ID and link for each user-specific video.

  • 6

    The links in the file you received are incorporated into your personal message, and distributed to your customers via standard email, SMS/MMS or HTML5 email (video plays within the email).

  • 7

    The customer opens the email message and watches the video (if HTML5 email is used), or clicks through to the video landing page, usually hosted on your website. Beneath the video player, call-to-action buttons allow your customers to easily respond to in-video promotions, like site registration or a personal offer.