Retail Birthday Greeting


Steimatzky books

As part of their loyalty club outreach and to celebrate customer birthdays, Steimatzky sent loyalty club members a custom-created video. Featuring a pop-up storybook theme, the video greeting shows a list of recently-purchased books, then offers the recipient a discount in honor of his/her birthday. The discounts are redeemable, via a printable coupon linked at the end of the video, at any physical Steimatzky branch. The results were striking.

Client Testimonial

  • Carmela Rotman,Head of Customer Loyalty Program
    Our customer club is all about connecting with customers, creating a relationship that is win-win for the company and the reader. Personalized video birthday greetings are an excellent addition to our engagement toolbox because they enable us to deliver a powerful emotional impact that is still cost-effective. The results were nothing like we’ve seen before, and proved the ability of an online tool to initiate a reaction in the physical world. This is both unique and promising for us