Why Idomoo?

Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS) platform automatically-generates cinematic-quality personalized videos to reach and impact every single customer.

Idomoo personalized videos provide a moment of ‘wow’ for your customers and drive them to action. See why below.

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5 reasons to idomoo logo

  • 1

    We are obsessed with video quality. Idomoo delivers jaw-dropping, real cinematic quality movies with natural-voice narration that reaches out and touches every single customer.

  • 2

    Our videos play everywhere. Every one of your customers can open and enjoy his or her personalized video from PC, smartphone or tablet – with maximum resolution and minimum download time.

  • 3

    We love creativity – whether it’s ours or not! Prefer to work with your own creative agency? Great! Our technology was developed especially for this kind of collaboration, based on industry-standard Adobe After Effects. We complete the job by automatically personalizing your video for each customer. The result is stunning video quality and limitless creativity.

  • 4

    We know customer communications. Idomoo has developed a unique methodology to help organizations achieve corporate-wide customer communications integration. This empowers organizations to build individual relationships with any number of customers, improve customer service, gain trust and loyalty, and reinforce the corporate brand.

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    World-leading companies and millions of end-customers already enjoy Idomoo. Idomoo pioneered personal video communication and has scores of clients in industries worldwide, including Finance, Telecom, Utility and Retail. Some of Idomoo’s customers include Liberty Global (multi-national triple play operator), Generali (Insurance), Harel (Insurance, Israel), Steimatzky (Retail, Israel) and Porto Seguro (Insurance, Brazil). See our customer testimonials and sample videos here.

They say

  • “Simply put, Idomoo made a real impact on the way we communicate and engage with our customers in a proactive manner. Personalized video brings us closer to our customers, raises their satisfaction with our services, and lowers our service overhead. That’s why we’re rolling out their solution across Europe.”

    Mr. Gerrit Goedkoop
    Vice President Customer Care
    Liberty Global
  • “This project was unquestionably one of the most innovative in a marketplace where tens of millions of paper statements are sent every year. Idomoo’s solution was flexible enough to meet our strict data security specifications, and powerful enough to seamlessly handle the complex parameters of our financial statements. We exceeded our objectives, and positively reinforced our brand image in the eyes of both our customers and the public as a whole.”

    Eyal Efrat
    VP Systems and Business Info
  • “Our customer club is all about connecting with customers, creating a relationship that is win-win for the company and the reader. Personalized video birthday greetings are an excellent addition to our engagement toolbox because they enable us to deliver a powerful emotional impact that is still cost-effective. The results were nothing like we’ve seen before, and proved the ability of an online tool to initiate a reaction in the physical world. This is both unique and promising for us.”

    Carmela Rotman
    Head of Customer Loyalty Program
  • “Idomoo’s technology, based on the industry-standard Adobe After Effects, allowed us to stay true to our creative concepts, while being truly personal for each pair of eyes watching the video. The results were really astonishing.”

    Lotan Morad
    Founder, Creative Manager
    Creative House